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honestly i have such a problem with how much effort went into this scene like please i can’t handle this?????

if this isn’t a friggen date i don’t know what a date is anymore. like they didn’t just head out on a whim and decided to hit up this primo adorable look out spot. 

can you just imagine charles fussing with his little blue shirt in the mirror beforehand? buttoning and unbuttoning and rebuttoning the top button until he finally just gives up. 

him searching through boxes and boxes to find something they can do together while they’re out and finding nothing and literally running from the facility to a store to find a fold out chess set. and it’s cheap, a little bit rickety and surely not the best quality, but it’s better than nothing. 

and he shoves it into his satchel just so that when they get there and he gets erik seated on the steps and pulls it out, charles gets to bask in how delighted erik looks that he thought to bring it. 

AND JUST AT SOME POINT THE FOCUS IN WHICH CHARLES STARTS STARING AT HIM??? like he doesn’t even need erik to look back at him for a while, just content to stare at that perfect jawline all by himself. 

they are literally on a date this is what a date is, they’re dressed very cutely and playing chess on a warm afternoon bye they’re DATING

Caitlin Stasey being the hero we all deserve.

I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die surrounded by my friends.

ellierratic: ((also, I think I'm probably one of your 98% because I'm awk-dawg and don't talk to a whole lotta people)) I'm Elizabeth, I really really REALLY love the colour purple, my favourite ship is Destiel (goodbye friends I am dead). Moose tracks ice cream is clearly superior. I have two kitties, but unfortunately they live in my hometown and I am at college :( One is called Shadow and the other is called Brindle.


Oh man oh man oh mAN - Destiel is my OTP. My mothership >w< hehehe let’s die together when s10 comes out.

literally crying over the perfection of thIS FRICKIN DRAWING


We made this animation for our December 2013 advent calendar - a journey through our chromosomes in 24 short films.

Watch the whole series here.

ellierratic: I'm dyin'. Your art is so good <3


Thank you!!!!!!!! I think I saw a request you made somewhere yesterday but it was gobbled up by Tumblr :( I’m sorry!! I did this for you as my apology <3 


Oh Kyle.

First of all, hOW DARE YOU?!

Second, Seriously? That beards is going to kill me…keep it, forever. Please?




Classic Hollywood Bloopers

And the greatest Hollywood blooper of all time:



HQ - Benedict Cumberbatch at the GQ Awards - 02 sep 2014